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Day 1

JR Kakunodate Station

1 Kakunodate Samurai Residence

The community of Kakunodate Samurai Residences began developing in 1620 as a residential area for samurais, and it still remains today. Several samurai residences are open to the public on Kakunodate Bukeyashiki Street having thick black wooden-fence built along.

A walk through the district gives different pleasures depending on the season: cherry blossoms in spring, greenery in the summer, vibrant foliage in autumn, and snow in the winter. “Tatetsuya” in the Samurai Residence offers rentals and dressing of Japanese kimonos of various designs, from which you can choose your favorite (reservation required). A walk through the Samurai Residence in a beautiful kimono will be a special memory of your trip.

2 Kiritampo hot pot/Hinai-Jidori (chicken) oyakodon

Kiritampo hot pot is a local dish of Akita, consisting of Kiritampo, a dish made by wrapping crushed rice around cedar skewers and toasting, simmered in chicken stock. Kiritampo toasted with miso is also highly recommended.

Hinai-Jidori (chicken) oyakodon is a rice bowl with high-quality Hinai-Jidori (chicken) from Akita stewed in stock and soy sauce, bound in rich, flavorful eggs on freshly cooked Akita rice. Enjoy the exquisite combination of juicy chicken and soft-boiled egg.

3 Nyuto Hot Spring Village

Nyuto Hot Spring Village is a hidden gem highly esteemed even by Japanese people. The seven hot spring hotels are Tsurunoyu, Taenoyu, Ganiba, Ogama, Magoroku, Kuroyu, and Kyukamura. Each hotel has its own hot spring, while the hot spring village has over ten types of hot springs in total. The best way to experience the hot springs is to take the bus that travels around the hotels.

Day 2
1 Tazawako Ski Resort

Tazawako Ski Resort is a snow resort with good access; it is only 30 minutes by bus from JR Tazawako Station, which is also a shinkansen stop. With quality powder snow, spectacular view of Lake Tazawa, and vast ski slopes, the resort is perfect for families.

Advanced skiers are also welcome at the ski resort, and special tours are available for skiers who wish to do backcountry skiing.

2 Night time in Kakunodate Samurai Residence

Accommodation such as hotels and guest houses are available near the Samurai Residence. Wanoi Kakunodate is a hotel in which a warehouse was renovated, and you can rent out the whole building to enjoy your privacy. For dinner, you can take a walk around the Samurai Residence to choose from a variety of restaurants.

Day 3
1 Akita Nairiku Line/ Kakunodate~Aniai

The Akita Nairiku Line is a local railway that vertically connects the inland areas of Akita and operates from Takanosu to Kakunodate. The small train offers a view of the unspoilt landscape of rural Japan, which reveals a different beauty every season. The "butter mochi," a local specialty, is also recommended.

2 Aniai Station Satoyama Restaurant & Cafe Koguma-tei

Aniai Station of the Akita Nairiku Line is the closest station to Ani Ski Resort. Satoyama Restaurant & Cafe Koguma-tei, located in the station building, offers a variety of dishes using local ingredients.

3 Mt. Moriyoshi Ani Ski Resort Snow Monster

Rime ice forms on tree branches when the water vapor freezes, and they are called "snow monsters.” You can take the Ani Ski Resort gondola to the summit and walk five minutes to a spot for viewing the rime ice of Mt. Moriyoshi. Not only the dynamic rime ice, but the beautiful starry sky and night view can also be enjoyed in clear weather during the night-time snow monster tour. (Reservation required for night-time snow monster tour only.)

JR Kakunodate Station


  • Kiritampo Cooking
    At this farmhouse experience, all is enhanced by the inticing smells of kiritampo
  • Walk with an Akita Dog
    Feel the love while walking an Akita dog
  • Namahage Drum Performance & Ishiyaki Cuisine
    Sense reverberations of a Namahage drum performance with Ishiyaki cuisine
  • Shirakami Sanchi (Shirakami Mountain Land) Snow Shoeing
    Feel the heart and peaceful nature of Akita snow country with a Shirakami Sanchi Snowshoe Experience
  • Mototaki Waterfall
    Let your ears embrace the natural wonders of Mototaki Waterfall
  • Local Fermented Food at Café Kurawo
    Taste Akita's local fermented delicacies at Café Kurawo

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