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About Linking to our Web Site

In principle, it is free to link to the top page of this website for both profit-making and nonprofit organizations.

However, please state clearly that the link source is the Akita Prefecture official website. In addition, please refrain from misleading expressions on your website, such as stating it is the Akita Prefecture official website or displaying it as such in your website’s frame. For links to other than the top page, please contact us from the inquiry page.

Please note that we may refuse to set up links if any of the following applies or if there is a possibility of such.

  • In the case that the link destination is against public order and morals
  • In the case that the link destination has a risk of leading to criminal activity
  • In the case that the destination has a risk of infringing the rights of third parties
  • In the case that the destination violates the Public Office Election Law, such as campaigning
  • In addition, when Akita Prefecture judges that it is inappropriate


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