Sakayanagi didn’t chat to the latter privately, he understood that Kiyotaka is feeling an environment devoid of love

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Sakayanagi didn’t chat to the latter privately, he understood that Kiyotaka is feeling an environment devoid of love

Adopting the survival test, Sae summoned him to your theatre where she commended your for the their earn over the other categories and you may indicated that it had been in reality their dad that has requested to expel him. Again, the guy rejected this lady consult to progress so you can Good-Category and that she does not protest for example past date. As an alternative, she only chuckled and you will shown the woman experience with his previous just after he stated he would not do anything on her as opposed to specific evidence to what she states have. Sae then questioned him just what he plans to carry out now, that he gave the lady an obscure answer, making the girl smiling in response.

Into the Frequency 7, immediately following an ending up in the newest school’s president, Kiyotaka discovered Sae had never called their dad and she is simply told through the newest president that he is another pupil. The guy listed one his professor fooled your and you can discussed so you’re able to the girl that she one another lied so you’re able to your plus the president. Then he pointed out that none Sae neither his dad has actually one real power to use to help you eliminate him throughout the college, thus he was perhaps not a slave so you can her blackmail and abandoned trying to go to An effective-Category as the he’d no need to progress, ignoring his teacher’s protests that he is wasting his talents.

Chie Hoshinomiya

Despite devoid of people communication throughout the cartoon, it would appear that Chie have suspicions regarding the their cleverness, once the if you’re talking to Honami, she approved him once the men out of D-Group to look out for one particular.

Regarding the light novel, that they had a special style of relationship, where she are proven to tease and you may flirt having your despite becoming a teacher. It simply had much more popular when he demonstrated more of their inborn performance eg going bottom to bottom which have Arisu into the chess, delivering complete scratches when you look at the Mathematics when even she did not solve certain questions being the quickest runner in school. Kiyotaka, not, try shown to be a little put off from the the girl antics and you can peculiar nature and you can tries to ignore her. He was annoyed you to she wasn’t getting her very own class seriously and you will was available to signup her category and this in the event that the guy is with them they would naturally come to Group An as soon as she vented to him. He had been offended and informed her to control the woman individual group much so you can the girl dismay.

College or university President Sakayanagi

When expected because of the Prof Ayanokoji (Kiyotaka’s Father) why Mr Sakayanagi, the school president, assist Kiyotaka go into the high-school even in the event the guy wasn’t on the the menu of examinees neither underwent an interview research. Their address revolved around with recognized from the Kiyotaka’s reputation regarding the White Room. The guy revealed that he had basic found Kiyotaka about the newest glass when he visited the brand new facility to seven years ago with his child, Arisu Sakayanagi. He reported that in the fulfilling Teacher Ayanokoji, during the time, the latter is actually very happy with Kiyotaka and you will noticed him while the their greatest masterpiece for having continued regarding the education.

Regardless if Mr. Therefore, with such a young people history, Mr Sakayanagi wanted to promote him with a niche where he normally live in a soft-yet-isolated-from-outside-world version of lay – this is the State-of-the-art Nurturing Twelfth grade, surreptitiously exhibiting the new love of a parental profile despite not their real moms and dad.


They found when Kiyotaka and you will Arisu Sakayanagi was in fact these are new items of one’s special test which had simply finished. Kiyotaka discovered that he had been the newest pretending manager of your school. After fully exchanging some terms and conditions, the guy began walking early in the day them and you may abruptly banged Arisu’s cane. Immediately following Kiyotaka swiftfully stuck the girl, he had been pushed of the Tsukishiro contrary to the wall appropriate. Tsukishiro replied that security camera had been replaced with a good incorrect image, very their serves will not be submitted. He went on to give Kiyotaka a message out of their father, threatening your to return to the White Place, that Kiyotaka wasn’t surprised. Even after Tsukishiro’s proceeded provocation, Kiyotaka chosen to not ever retaliate, in the event the cam is nonetheless tape. Tsukishiro up coming create Kiyotaka and you may leftover, declaring you to however formally begin working at the college for the April. He then made a decision to work with Arisu hoping of getting eliminate him. [2]