Nu-13’s construction is completely in accordance with the Mecha Musume concept, a pattern theme that includes ‘humanizing’ computers or inanimate stuff

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Nu-13’s construction is completely in accordance with the Mecha Musume concept, a pattern theme that includes ‘humanizing’ computers or inanimate stuff

In the example of Nu, hers lies in swords. When not during the competition, she appears as an early on woman that have sunken red-colored vision and much time silver locks tied on good braid kept along with her from the an excellent unmarried blade. She wears a bright jumpsuit and an extended flowing cape having red-colored tape seals linked to the prevent. She wears a magic power regulator eyepatch for her right eyes and you will she’s barefoot having bluish nail enamel with the one another hands and you will leg. In BlazBlue: Phase shift 4, her told you correct attention try revealed getting having black sclera, and in case shown, emanates blue vein scratches you to definitely more sluggish dominate her right-side.

When of course, if race condition, she has on innovative blade-inspired armour with a set of 7 disembodied blades you to definitely drift about her into the a-wing-such as for instance creation. She now has on a beneficial visor having one eyes and you may horns in the bottom.

Mobile nu

When you look at the BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Noel Vermillion after noticed a great “younger” particular Nu. She dressed in a blue dress along with much longer https://www.datingrating.net/nl/datingsites-voor-huisdieren, silver tresses, like Noel personally. Which variation is also viewed when Nu was impacted by Amane’s Astral Temperature, however, this lady has her eyepatch in this affair.

Fundamentally out of BlazBlue: Centralfiction, Nu wears a from-white dress, she not wears an enthusiastic eyepatch but enjoys bandages for her proper attention alternatively.


Nu was demonstrated to keeps a split character; one that is an emotionless woman you to employs purchases without question and the almost every other because the a good yandere who’s crazy about Ragna the latest Bloodedge.

Becoming a prime Career, Nu’s attitude was in fact shut out, becoming little more than a keen emotionless machine exactly who eliminates anyone who blocks the woman coding or whoever she establishes to be intense. She are to start with programmed to help you cancel people she deems intense one came nearby the Entrance. Whenever talking to anyone that is not or does not explore Ragna, she speaks such as for example a servers or in an enthusiastic emotionless build and you may is interested in the girl instructions.

Whenever as much as, reading regarding the otherwise considering Ragna on the other hand, the woman identity transform so you can someone who is completely infatuated which have your. In her own mind, Nu need to have Ragna to herself, and you can anyone who enters her way need pass away, therefore making the lady a fanatical yandere in lieu of a keen possessive that (possessive yanderes will kill the love focus to end shedding these to anybody else). Nu’s love for Ragna also offers given the girl new practice of utilizing the extremely sexual innuendo from the whole throw during the the brand new BlazBlue collection. That it particularly the case when around Ragna, while the this woman is usually providing him good “naughty” laugh while using the innuendo to him. However, why are Nu different to traditional yanderes would be the fact if you’re she change to someone who is within like which have Ragna, she doesn’t invariably features good “deredere” front to help you her identification while the she however can say black and you may visual what you should anybody else and may still act emotionless even from inside the Ragna’s visibility.

Which unrequited love comes from yet another translation off what absolutely nothing of Saya’s memory out-of Ragna she and also just like the a primary outcome of being a clone away from his sibling, and therefore developed into an enchanting passion together with religion which they was destined to become bound together with her by future. However, Nu have a separate interpretation out-of indicating affection so you’re able to Ragna, that requires “killing” one another, realizing that none by herself neither Ragna can not permanently sit dry owed into the Existence Link they show. Simply because Ragna got missing a couple of Nu’s prior undeveloped bodies in past times before the incidents out of Calamity Trigger which were unable to reply not to mention speak. Which gave her the impression you to definitely “killing” both is the best and just treatment for reveal love to Ragna and is for this reason fact that even with enjoying Ragna a lot, she tends to still battle him in the a tremendously intense trend once they take part in competition.